Sit Like A Monk

The Story of a young boy who struggles to make ends meet, until he sees something magical about the river, utterly calm and absolutely still. And on the bank of this river and beneath the tree A MONK was sitting in a meditative pose.


The body was kept on the funeral pyre, A young boy in his teens completed the final rites. After finishing the rituals, He started walking away from the burning pyre buried in deep thoughts and old memories of his dead father. Circling him – running behind him – playing on his laps – visions, his eyes dripping tears.

His father met an untimely death, a log of forest woods fell on him (father) and he (father) succumbed to his injuries. His step mother who lost her husband was waiting for him to return from the funeral. Her two young children accompanying  her, ready to return home. The home which will now mourn the lost companion. They all walked together, eyes filled with tears mourning for the one who will never return. 
In the house made up of woods and leaves on the outskirts of forest, they cut bamboos and make them into decorative things. They sell them in the village market which adorn the homes of buyers. Forest is their livelihood.

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