Sit Like A Monk


The Boy until now was under the shelter of his father. The playfulness, the charm and  the freedom, every aspect of his life has been challenged by the Sudden demise of his father.  

He is face to face with reality. The reality is that, he is the one who has to take care of the responsibility of his stepmother, his seven year old sister and an infant brother. The situation was pushing him to wear the hat of his father.  The one who toiled hard in the dense forest collecting woods, cutting them for livelihood and buying supper for his entire family. 

The boy has realised,now life will not be as easy as it was before. He prayed for the strength and carried the axe, waiting to leave his dear ones to return back with something for everyone. 

His step mother with anxious eyes and equally  doubtful of him whether he would discharge his father’s responsibility. She bid him goodbye. His sister holding his hands and the brother circling his feet, he bid them all and walked into the deep forest.

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