Sit Like A Monk


The boy steps into the forest walking miles from his home. With his axe on his shoulders, his footsteps moving on the dry leaves making a creaky sound, birds chirping, sound of barking wolves and his heart completely gripped with silent fear. 

He walks into the forest to find suitable dry bamboo trees. The forest was new to him. He had never accompanied his father. He was relying on his instincts to find suitable trees but luck was not in his favor. He roamed and roamed but could not collect enough woods to carry back home. 

He was not happy. His first day in the forest was not that productive. He constantly worried about his mother’s reaction. How could he face her. The question disturbed him and with a heavy heart he returned home. 
His mother seeing him empty handed was more worried. The only person who could be relied upon did not bring any forest wood. They sat together. Whatever they could lay their hands upon, they collected and made something to sell. The boy went into the market, sold what his mother made and brought some money. He cooked for all of them, ate and went to sleep. Tomorrow he will wake up early in the morning and walk again into the wilderness of the Forest.

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