Sit Like A Monk


Wandering in the wilderness of the Forest became his daily routine. His continuous struggle  to find woods, bamboo, collecting them, carrying them on his shoulder, returning home, giving it to his mother, taking care his siblings, cooking food. The wheel of existence engulfing him into chores of Life. 

He was getting pulled into the “DALDAL” of bitter existence.He felt utterly miserable. He was very unhappy, every day was the similar and same struggle. 

Waking up – moving in the forest – finding wood – carrying on his shoulder – returning home – selling in market – cooking food – sleeping – waking up!  

In the midst of his chores while returning from  the forest his eyes fell upon a beautiful river. Many times he must have crossed  that river but his eyes never rested upon them. There was something magical about this river today, utterly calm and absolutely still. And on the bank of this river and beneath the tree A MONK was sitting in a meditative pose. He was immersed with unworried silence and complete tranquil. The river, the trees, the birds and everything surrounding the MONK reflected the same level of blissfulness and tranquility(see Illustration). The view was mesmerizing. Unable to see the MONK’s face he decides to cross the river but stops. He returns home carrying that image in his mind.Buddha Meditation Tree.png

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