Sit Like A Monk


That night he could not sleep well, he had seen  something extraordinary which made him sit up and ask : 

  • How can the monk be so silent, why there was such a serenity, absolute bliss, what made him sit so calm, what is his secret, why could I see him engulfed in absolute happiness. 
  • Why am I so struggling, what is making my life so hard, why am I not happy, what can I do to change the way I live, why am i engulfed in the wheel of misery  
  • Never ending questions floating like bubbles 

He sets out into the Forest for his everyday routine, while returning he passes by the river he sits at a distance and watches the monk sitting in meditation with absolute silence. 
One day he returns from the Forest in total frustration. His mind continuously chattering. He wanted to know the answers to his questions and he feels it’s enough, I just need to leave, leave all what is mine, leave my home, I can’t take it,  it’s not me, I will have to go. He was utterly confused as if life was a complete burden upon him, he wanted to loosen so he decided to quit. QUIT and meet THE MONK and know from HIM the answers to his questions and SECRET TO HAPPINESS.

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