Sit Like A Monk


That night was very heavy on him, the morning was not the same at all. He looked painfully in his mother’s eyes, his siblings, he held them and bid goodbye. He walked away from them into the wilderness of the forest. They had no clue he would never return to them. 

That day, he was feeling some kind of freedom within him. The shredding of responsibility had given him a new kind of emptiness and escape tendency. He equally had a ugly feeling of guilt. He had run away from his home unable to perform his duty. He did not want to face that situation for now.  His only attention was to meet the MONK and get all his answers. He was running and dancing with sheer joy. The desire to meet him, had  filled him with renewed energy. The MONK had all his answers.  

He turned his steps towards the same river. When he reached he could hardly believe his eyes. The MONK was not there. First he felt, the MONK must have gone somewhere in the forest. He waited on the  bank of river for the MONK to return. Hours passed, time had just stopped. He could not find him. He searched him everywhere he could. He wandered every nook of the forest but failed to find him.  The boy again returned back to the river. Completely lost and  his face sunken. He behaved he had lost the most precious jewel. He simply waited. All his questions hurling like stones at him, attacking him. His feeling of guilt empowering him. The thoughts circling him, his home, his mother and  his siblings. He felt he made a big mistake. Where is the MONK ? Why did he betray him? Why did he forsake him? He waited and waited, 10 days passed, the MONK never returned. 

He finally decides to return back home with his heart carrying an incomplete burning desire to meet the MONK. He walks away from the river, not the same river which fills his heart with tranquility. He turns back and back, again and again waiting to see that glimpse of sitting MONK but no luck. The MONK was not to be seen. 

He struggles to find him and finally returns home. He finds his mother and sibling waiting for him with engrossed and longing eyes. His mother faints down seeing him with utter joy, knowing his son is back. The Ten days were very hard and painful for them. Those days of his absence were bitter memories. The boy felt their separation. He promised, he will never again take such a decision. Everyone started crying with joy in their eyes.

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