Sit Like A Monk


He decides not to go back to the forest again, though deep in his heart he carries the longing to meet the MONK one day. He gathers courage to start something new and he walks into the MARKET, to learn new tricks of business and wealth. 

His deep longing for the MONK and the image of the MONK Sitting beneath the TREE keeps stirring  his memory. So he decides to do something. He had seen that vision of peace and tranquility around the MONK. He believes if he sits like him, he may experience the same kind serenity. So he imitates like the MONK. Every day before he goes to sleep, he Sits exactly LIKE A MONK for 15 minutes. He practises this everyday without a gap. 

The act of imitation, the experience of meditation, slowly brings the change in the way he looked at life then (during his struggling days) and now. He reasons that life cannot be complex and it has to be simple. If at all one has to be successful in every area of life, it again has to be simply achievable without the need to struggle If there is a struggle, complexity, stress then there is something wrong with the way it is being done. Identity what is wrong and correct it with full dedication. A new found wisdom guides him and  the MIND becomes his tool. 

The boy walks into the MARKET  and experiments every technique and method to become a good trader. Equally every night before sleep he silently SITS LIKE a MONK for 15 minutes.  

Every passing day makes him a wise human being and transforms him into a successful trader with immense health, wealth and a very happy family.

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