Sit Like A Monk


One fine day while meditating, he feels as if some power is pulling him outside his body. He feels something is detaching him from himself. He is floating and someone guiding him into the forest. He feels like walking over the ground, utterly weightless, like a feather floating in the gushing winds, touching leaves, passing through the trees, the night of silence,  the glimpse of the same river and the vision of MONK SITTING in absolute tranquility with light of MOON covering all his eyes can see.  Never before he had crossed the river, his weightless body moving close to the monk, his deep desire waiting to have a glimpse of his beloved ideal, he lands like a white Dove,  his entire engrossed attention, his eyes longing to see the face of the MONK, after 10 long years… FACE TO FACE for the first time his eyes don’t believe, unstoppable tears flowing by, absolute peace, never ending happiness, bliss, ultimate freedom, words cannot express that state of presence.

whom does HE SEE


The MONK was his own IMAGE. 

The joy of indepth happiness is discovering your REAL SELF,THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU, THE STORY OF SELF REALISATION.

The Journey from Struggle to “Success” 

The Journey from “Success” to “Happiness”

is The story of Self Realisation

written by Aslam Paloji

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